Tuesday, September 16, 2008

President Palin? Hell Yes!

By John W. Lillpop

Where have the months gone? It seems as though the Iowa caucus was just yesterday. Yet here we are less 30 days from the election.

The question is important because so many major issues need to pondered and decided on before November 4.

Voting a straight Republican ticket is the only sensible thing to do in California, but what about electing a new president?

Deciding between McCain and Obama is like being given the choice of being electrocuted with DC or AC electricity. What is the difference? The result is still gloom and doom.

Yes, John McCain's selection of Governor Palin as his running mate was like manna from heaven to desperate conservatives. A real breath of fresh air in an otherwise dismal year for those on the right and in the right!

Governor Palin is young, smart, beautiful, tough, and conservative with a capital C. But to install Governor Palin in the White House, one must vote for John McCain.

Drat, back to square one!

Joseph Farah, founder and editor of Worldnetdaily.com, had an interesting idea. He proposed that Americans really serious about preserving our culture and sovereignty vote NONE OF THE ABOVE (NOTA) on November 4, as detailed at http://shop.wnd.com/store/item.asp?ITEM_ID=2392

NOTA has potential all right, but it could lead to the inadvertent election of Barack Obama and the end of western civilization as we know it.

In an Obama administration, one might expect to see Oprah Winfrey as Secretary of Defense, Nancy Pelosi as Secretary of State, Ted Kennedy as head of Homeland Security, Al Gore as head of the EPA, and Charles Rangel as head of the Treasury.


What to do? One must vote for president!

Then liberals started to mockingly ask, "President Palin?" as if just the thought of Governor Palin as president would send millions of otherwise sane voters scrambling to sup of the CHANGE Kool-aid offered by the Messiah from Chicago.

Sorry, lefties, but conservatives have no fondness for lethal Kool-aid or fake Messiahs.

But we love Governor Palin!

So why not write-in Governor Palin for president, thereby bypassing the Fake Messiah and that gray-headed RINO from Arizona?

Of course, Europeans would go ballistic if we elected Governor Palin as president. So what? Who gives a damn what Europeans think about our president?

Think about it: American allies in France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, and elsewhere have held elections over the past several years.

Did voters in those countries stop and ask themselves, "Which candidate would America fancy?" before casting their ballots?

Fact is, European voters do not really care about America or the welfare of Americans. Their favorite candidate is based on their perception of which American candidate would best meet their own selfish interests.

Americans must do likewise!

Governor Palin has many outstanding qualities that would make her a terrific president:

She is America First! No worry about her being an Islamofascist sympathizer.

She believes in the sanctity of all human life.

She understands the danger of living in a world where evil is a persistent foe.

She would irritate liberals and old feminists like Gloria Stenim 24/7, for eight years.

She has executive experience and has never been a community organizer.

President Palin? Hell yes!