Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obama Hobnobs With Hollywood Elitists for $28,500 a Plate!

Satire By John W. Lillpop

Like most bleeding heart liberals, Barack Obama loves to portray himself as a champion of the little guy, an amigo to the illegal alien, a defender of the defenseless.

Apparently, the Messiah also fancies the rich and the powerful now and again.

Thus, while the unwashed masses are without food and water in Galveston, Texas as a result of Hurricane Ike, and countless others all across the nation face the loss of their homes through foreclosure, Obama and Hollywood elitists will feast on the good life at $28,500 per plate.


Imagine how many late mortgages could be cured (brought current) with $28,500?

How much food and water could be provided to hurricane victims with an extra $28,500 to hand out?

Roam the streets of East Los Angeles and you will come across hundreds, or thousands, of human tragedies, every one of which could be made more bearable with $28,500.

Only yesterday, Obama spread the cheery news that the U.S. is in "the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression."

One day later, the man is hosting a dinner for snooty elitists intent on throwing away $57,000 a couple on a foolish fairy tale. Clearly, this fellow Barack Obama is lacking the judgment, compassion, common sense, and protocol essential to run America.

Obama apologists will point out that the $28.500 includes entertainment from Barbra Streisand who will sing at a reception at the swanky Beverly Wilshire hotel.

Big damn deal!

For $28,500 you get a cold muffin, warm beer, and a song from an over the hill, bloated, liberal Jew with a honker so repulsive that it is considered a masterpiece, and who last sang with professional range and quality 15 long years ago.

As a testament to her size, Babs will eat more than $28,500 worth of food before dinner is served! God knows how much total for the evening.

Come on Obama, even a run-down, out of mojo Messiah can do better than that!