Sunday, September 14, 2008

Whoopi Goldberg and the Slavery Question

By John W. Lillpop

On the September 12 edition of "View," host Whoopi Goldberg asked Senator John McCain, "Do I have to be worried about becoming a slave again?"

Goldberg's question was obviously a loaded attempt to either stump McCain or force him into saying something politically incorrect.

As it turned out, McCain said he understood the question and appreciated Whoopi's concern, blah, blah, blah, and blah!

Were he the "straight shooter" he claims to be, McCain would have been more direct and sanguine in his answers.

Several options were available:

Option one:

"You say again, Whoopi? Good heavens, woman, you are a world famous superstar in television and cinema. Most Americans can only dream of the good life that you have been blessed to have!

Just exactly when and where were you a slave, my dear?"

Option two:

"Whoopi, I can guarantee that you will remain a free and liberated woman, provided that you do not yield to temptation and cast your vote based solely on race.

Electing Barack Obama would enslave you to big government, wasteful spending, and sky high taxes.

"Because you are very successful, Whoopi, Democrats, including Barack Obama, see you as the enemy and feel perfectly justified in taking your money and giving it to others.

That is slavery at its worse!"

Bottom Line: Be very worried indeed if you are even considering a vote for Barack Obama!