Friday, January 11, 2008

Using the Race Card To "Lynch" Free Speech

By John W. Lillpop

Kelly Tilghman is a "hot" fox and a babe. She is also an exceptionally talented commentator for the GOLF channel, the first woman to hold that position on a full time basis.

Tilghman is now the first woman commentator to be suspended for poorly chosen and "insensitive" on-air remarks.

Who would imagine that behind that long blond hair, crystal blue eyes, perfect teeth, and angelic smile resides a deranged racist who achieves spiritual fulfillment only when she has spiked a burning cross into the lawn of an innocent black family?

Yet that is exactly how the Reverend Al Sharpton would portray Tilghman for her recent on-air remark about Tiger Woods. In that broadcast, Tilghman said that, in order to have any chance of beating Woods, younger golfers should "Lynch him in a back alley."

Naturally, Sharpton immediately took exception to the remark, and declared that Tilghman should be fired for using words that offend African Americans.

Make that words that offend Sharpton and anyone one whom he can rouse into a frenzied state of racial outrage.

In her defense, perhaps Tilghman was unaware that "Lynch" has been expunged from English lexicon. Along with the "N" word and "illegal immigrant," the word Lynch is no longer acceptable in polite, or even impolite, circles.

One wonders if Reverend Sharpton is aware of just how much harm he does to his cause with mindless complaints about trivial matters?

Kelly Tilghman's remark was neither insensitive nor racist. Rather, she was simply making the point that Tiger Woods is preeminent in the world of golf, and as such is heads and shoulders above younger golfers on the PGA tour.

The only people offended by Ms. Tilghman's commentary are those who eagerly wait in the shadows for an opportunity to be victimized. Such people actually want to be offended-- they should be ignored.

Tiger Woods himself did not buy into the Sharpton indictment of an entirely innocent remark. The Woods camp correctly called the controversy a "complete non-issue."

Isn't it time that Al Sharpton refrain from crying racism in obviously non-racism situations, so that America can identify and eradicate the malady where it really exists?