Thursday, January 17, 2008

Democrats Want CHANGE? Not in California!

By John W. Lillpop

Because the Democrat party has no real issues on which to run in 2008, party leaders have adopted CHANGE as the liberal mantra for this election cycle.

What they really mean, however, is change that will bring more power and cash to Democrats. The status quo is perfectly acceptable in instances where Democrats already hold power.

An excellent example is found in California. Because of term limits passed by voters in 1990, certain Democrats, such as Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, face being "termed out" of office, sooner rather than later.

To avoid the CHANGE implicit in term limits, Democrats have put together a misleading scam resolution titled "Proposition 93, Limits On Legislators’ Terms In Office," for voters to decide on come election day February 5, 2008.

As with most of the malarkey and double talk coming from Democrats, Proposition 93 would, if passed by voters, actually circumvent term limits and extend the terms of certain legislators beyond the limits approved by voters in 1990.

Understanding Proposition 93 can be easily achieved by focusing on two key words: Fabian Nunez.

If Proposition 93 fails, Nunez will be "termed out." If it passes, he will continue to work against the interests of California and its citizens from his lofty position as Speaker of the Assembly.

Proposition 93 is a scam that would actually lengthen politicians’ terms in office. It is intentionally deceptive because it claims to toughen term limits when it would in fact cripple term limits.

So when a leftist demands CHANGE, remind the individual of the Democrat party's bitter resistance in California, as reflected by the party's rabid support for Proposition 93!