Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Forget Building Schools in Mexico: Move Liberals There!

John W. Lillpop

Susan Sarandon, Hollywood’s clone of Nancy Pelosi, stunned the civilized world last June with a proposal so reckless one wonders why the Democrats had not thought of it sooner.

Sarandon wants the United States to build schools in Mexico.

According to Sarandon, such a move would do more to end illegal immigration than constructing a fence at the United States-Mexico border because it would bring Mexican children the gift of education.

Unfortunately, the reality is that Mexico cannot feed, house, educate or provide even minimal health care to its citizens. Mexico is a third-world nation infected with corruption from top to bottom.

Building a few schools with American tax dollars in Mexico will not stop the invasion of peasants looking for a better life. In addition, despite all the lamentations from bleeding-heart liberals like Sarandon, Mexico’s problems belong to the Mexican people—not U.S. taxpayers.

Until Mexico elects honorable people of intelligence and integrity, the United States must use whatever means necessary, including military force, to keep illegal aliens from invading America.

We must not allow our great nation to decay into a third-world abyss.

Misery loves company, but downgrading America into a par with Mexico will only serve to make liberals like Sarandon feel better. It most certainly will not solve Mexico’s problems.

However, perhaps there is another solution that would ease liberal guilt without costing U.S. taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. Namely, let’s move Hollywood--the motion picture industry, the elitist stars, the anti-America crowd--the whole enchilada to Mexico.

Oh, what a boon that would be to the Mexican economy! All those rich, limousine liberals living in mud flats, drinking polluted water, eating Tacos stuffed with tainted beef, and speaking guttural, broken Spanish.

If it turns out that the “trickle down” from the Hollywood’s elite to the peasant class does not quite boost the economy enough, Mexico’s government could always tax the living Hades out of Hollywood’s brightest and richest.

Compassionate whiners like Sarandon, obsessed with ending Mexican poverty, would surely be willing to give whatever part of their personal fortunes might be needed to ease suffering of “little” people in Mexico.

If the redistribution of Hollywood wealth still fails to seal the deal, the "spiritually elite" in the Catholic clergy, like Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles, could join forces with Hollywood luminaries by moving to Mexico as well.

After all, Cardinal Mahony is always looking for an opportunity to stamp out poverty. Moving to Mexico would provide he and his shepherds with an unlimited source of peasants to help---or to “fleece,” to be more precise.

Any way you look at it, moving Hollywood and Catholic liberals to Mexico makes a lot more sense than allowing 20 million illiterates from Mexico to take over America.

John W. Lillpop is a recovering liberal.