Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Marching off to Surrender?

By John W. Lillpop

With all due respect to President Obama, has there ever been a lamer, feebler, dumber, or weaker call to arms than his December 1 “surge” speech?

What must be going through the minds of those young American men and women who will soon be sent into harm’s at the behest of President Obama?

Commander-in-Chief Obama does not really appear committed to winning the war; rather, he seems preoccupied with exit strategies based on politics, including his own prospects for reelection.

Is that any way to run a war? Is that any way to manipulate the lives and limbs of young Americans in our military forces?

What must be going through the minds of Al-Quaeda operatives?

First, this president has all but granted citizenship to KSM and fellow terrorists by providing them with a world stage in New York City. Then the same president makes a token gesture to fulfill a campaign promise, a hollow effort which gives the enemy comfort in knowing the end date and game.

Nearly 70 Decembers ago, America’s naval fleet moored at Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese.

What if President Roosevelt had damned the Japanese for their hostile act of war, but committed America only to fight back until 1943, the year before the next presidential election?

Clearly, this president does not understand the importance of defeating Al-Quaeda and winning the war on terror, which he refuses to even acknowledge.

Obama’s “surge” is all about domestic politics, and protecting the interests of the Democrat party.

It is nothing short of a scandal that 30,000 additional Americans will be sent into battle by a Commander-in-Chief who is more concerned with defeating Republicans than destroying the enemy!