Saturday, November 21, 2009

Higher Taxes on the Rich: Immoral and Wrong!

By John W. Lillpop

Not only do liberals want to tax the so-called rich in order to fund health care for illegal aliens and other uninsured millions, now a prominent member of the U.S. Senate has proposed a tax on the well to do to pay for Obama’s quagmire in Afghanistan.

As reported at, in part:

“Higher-income Americans should be taxed to pay for more troops sent to Afghanistan and NATO should provide half of the new soldiers, said Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.”

Levin’s un-American scheme may actually find support among leftists who hate the rich more than they hate war!

When will this madness be halted?

When will the Supreme Court step in and rule that taxing the wealthy for every hair-brained scam and failure committed by our inept -president is unconstitutional, un-American, and just plain immoral?

Think about it: Why in the hell should the rich pay for Obama’s war in Afghanistan? Wealthy people already pay the vast majority of the taxes paid to Uncle Sam—what could possibly justify slamming the successful with even more financial pain?

Clearly, liberals like Levin regard the tax code as a means for punishing those who succeed and who are also a vulnerable minority.

Have you launched a new company, hired scores of employees, and earned a handsome income in the process? According to fractured the mind of Carl Levin, you must be punished for outshining the great unwashed masses.

There is a racist element in all this. For the most part, America’s rich are Caucasian which means that they are “fair game” for liberal tax abusers like Obama and Levin.

Why is there no civil liberties group in place to defend the rich against higher taxes and discrimination based on racial profiling?