Friday, October 02, 2009

Chicago Eliminated: Another Teaching Moment for Obama?

By John W. Lillpop

CHICAGO ELIMINATED! was the blaring headline on this first Friday of October. So what? was the bitter reaction of anyone who follows Chicago sports with any degree of sincerity.

After all, being eliminated is a tradition dating back to 1908 for the Windy City. Until now, ELIMINATED has been used to describe the obligatory sacking of the Chicago Cubs from baseball's pennant races or playoffs.

ELIMINATED, ALA Chicago Cubs, happens as early as mid September and as late as mid-October. Whether early or late, it happens every year and no amount of audacity can change that fact.

Now the Curse of Chicago has extended its ferocious tentacles and brought down the bid of the Windy City to be the Host City for the 2016 Olympics.

This despite the "sacrifice" of President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Oprah Winfrey.

Or perhaps BECAUSE of the meddling interference of this elitist trio?

Still, being the good sport that he is, Barack Obama will probably use this public humiliation as a "Teaching Moment" for America and the world.

As Obama works to spin this defeat into a win, he will surely focus on the fact that racism is not limited to white Republicans in America. Denmark and all of the IOC are also afflicted.

Another tactic would be to allege that things would have worked out differently if the president had been able to devote more of his personal time to the bid.

However, ObamaCrats will point out that this president is the Commander-in-chief and was appropriately focused on the war in Afghanistan as a priority item, rather than the gory details of corrupt Chicago politics.

Which is why President Obama met with his top Afghanistan commander, Army General Stanley McChrystal for 25 minutes on Air Force One in Copenhagen.

That 25 minutes was a huge sacrifice made by the president on behalf of the 68,000 American troops in harm's way in Afghanistan.

If race and the Afghan war do not convince skeptics, Obama can always drag out the W. card:

America lost the opportunity to host the 2016 Olympics because of George W. Bush and his shoot-them-up blemishing of America's image hither and yonder.

In other words, Obama inherited the ELIMINATION mess from W.

Perhaps it is time for this president to have a long, quiet talk with his inner child in order to accept a brutal truth: America, and all of the world, is gagging on the over load of Obamamania being forced down our throats.

We are tired of your pretty face and throaty voice, sir!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, Mr. President!

Despite what Oprah and Rahm have been telling you, you are NOT the Messiah, a Star Wars Yedi, or the Dark Knight.

You have been prominently portrayed as the Joker but that is another story.

It is true that you do excel at some things. Like giving lofty speeches loaded with fluffy words and unrealistic promises.

However, despite what Joe Biden has told you, being "Clean and articulate" is NOT good enough for the presidency!

Unemployment is bumping up against 10 percent, the deficit is more bloated than Oprah, and everything else you touch is turning to gold--fool's gold.

You, Mr. President, are mortal, albeit, an above average mortal, with frailties and weaknesses just like the other six billion humans on this planet.

Take a deep breath, sir, and face reality in simple terms that even a Chicago community organizer should be able to grasp:

With all due respect, You suck! Sir!