Friday, February 13, 2009

Barack Obama: You're No Abe Lincoln!

Satire by John W. Lillpop

President Barack Obama took advantage of Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday to point out how he has lived his own life in accordance with the examples set by America's 16th president.

As Obama deftly pointed out, both men served in the Illinois House of Representatives, and both were educated as lawyers.

Other similarities and differences exist; some of which Obama did NOT highlight.

For example:

Lincoln was born in a one-room log cabin in Kentucky to uneducated farmers. He was the first American president born outside of the original thirteen colonies.

Obama was hatched in a mud hut somewhere in Kenya where birth certificates are apparently illegal. He was the first American president born outside the United States.

Because of the slavery issue, Lincoln was not even on the ballot in nine southern states for the 1860 presidential election.

Thanks to ACORN activists, Obama's name appeared on ballots provided to illegal aliens, felons, and others not eligible to vote in all 50 states, Mexico, and lord knows where else.

Lincoln redefined Republicanism by shifting emphasis to the Declaration of Independence as the foundation of American political values — freedom and equality for all, rather than the Constitution's tolerance of slavers.

Thanks to a $750 million war chest, ACORN voter fraud, and a biased liberal media, Obama redefined the Democrat party as home to a gaggle of undisciplined Marxists, baby killers, pacifist wusses, corrupt labor unions, and elitists addicted to wasting taxpayer money on mindless liberal causes.

During the Civil War, Lincoln assumed powers no previous President had tried. He used his war powers to proclaim a blockade, suspended the writ of habeas corpus, spent money before Congress appropriated it, and imprisoned 18,000 suspected Confederate sympathizers without trial. (1)

One of Obama's first acts as commander-in-chief during the war on terror was to order the closure of Guantanamo Bay, outlaw torture, and otherwise make the world a kinder, gentler place for Islamofascists dedicated to murdering Americans, Jews, and infidels throughout the world.

Lincoln was very well respected as a man of integrity and was called "Honest Abe."

Obama cavorts with tax cheats, ACORN volunteers involved in voter fraud, and other unsavory characters, mostly unwashed Democrats from Illinois.

And, most dramatically,

Lincoln signed two Emancipation Proclamations to free (ultimately) four million slaves.

Obama is set to sign a "stimulus" bill that will pile crushing debt on the backs of several future generations of Americans, thereby enslaving people of all races, ethnic backgrounds, religions, nationalities, and socioeconomic classes just to implement a host of failed liberal programs that America neither needs or wants.

Bottom Line: Barack Obama, you are no Abraham Lincoln!