Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brother Barack: Why Not "Spread the Wealth" Among Family?

Analysis By John W. Lillpop

While Barack Obama harasses working class Americans like Joe the Plumber about the Marxist need to "spread the wealth," the Messiah conveniently ignores a hideous wealth schism within the Obama clan itself.

Barack and Michelle Obama, for example, while away the hours in elitist comfort in their lovely Mansion, the purchase of which involved corrupt thug Tony Rizzo, reportedly working in concert with that other world renowned Hussein, Saddam the


Meanwhile, Obama's younger brother lives in Kenya in a run down shack that would not be good enough for a servant's bathroom in Michelle's palatial digs in Illinois.

The young Kenyan eats mud for lunch-- on good days, when there is mud left over from the previous meal!

Say, Barack, why not lead by example when it comes to redistribution? You and Michelle move to Kenya into your brother's digs, and let him move into your Illinois mansion?

That would be fair and balanced, and would prove your genuine commitment to equality and family!