Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Barack Obama Is Counting on Black Racists

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama is, without question, one of the most charismatic candidates to raise hell on the national political scene in quite some time. Even some conservatives are buying Obama's snake oil.

However, as the primary election results made abundantly clear, Obama's greatest asset is his appeal to black racists. Indeed, blacks voted overwhelmingly for Obama over the only presidential candidate who was, and still is, married to America's first black president.

Given the Clinton's squeaky-clean record in support of African-American causes, why did so many blacks abandon Hillary Clinton and rush to vote for Obama?

Because Obama is a real, skin-color solid African-American himself!

So it is that Martin Luther's King's dream for a color-blind society is being trashed by the very people and causes that King gave his life for.

Of course, the liberal media will not confront black racism with anywhere near the passion reserved for what is seen as racism by Caucasians.

Example: Democrat Tom Bradley, long time Mayor of Los Angeles and an African American, almost became the governor of California in 1982 in a race eventually won by conservative Republican George Dukmejian.

This race was so close that the headline in the San Francisco Chronicle on the day after the election declared Bradley the victor!

In their zeal to install a black Democrat, leftists at the Chronicle had neglected one vital point: The actual vote count!

In the endless post-election analysis, dejected liberals crafted a particularly offensive spin to explain the late turn of events in Dukmejian's favor.

Namely, it was last minute white racism that derailed Tom Bradley's claim on the governor's mansion!

According to liberal knot heads, the fact that blacks voted overwhelmingly for the black candidate was perfectly understandable and acceptable.

However, when it came to whites voting for a white candidate, we are talking big league racism and bigotry!

Another example of Democrat-sponsored abuse of racism involves the debate concerning English versus Spanish.

According to Democrats like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, those who favor English as the official language of the United States are reprehensible racists who hate brown people.

But if favoring one language over another is un-American, why in the hell are Hispanics who refuse to learn English not considered racists? Especially since English is, and has been, the major language used in America for commerce, law, government, and education for well over 200 years?

It is most unfortunate that the Democrat Party, in cahoots with the liberal media, has distorted and hijacked the term racism for partisan political purposes, with little or no regard for the facts involved.

Including the fact that much of the support for Barack Obama comes from black racists.