Tuesday, October 14, 2008

America Needs Commander-In-Chief, Not ACORN Organizer!

By John W. Lillpop

Have nearly 50 percent of the American people lost their collective minds all at the same time? That seems to be the only thing that can explain the fact that Barack Obama is still in the presidential hunt and, in fact, may be leading.

How can anyone who even pretends to give a damn about America support this fellow?

Yes, we all agree that Barack Obama is a charming, articulate fellow.

Yes, the American people would like to elect an African-American to atone for slavery, Jim Crow laws, and 200 years of discrimination.

Yes, America has been mismanaged for eight years by a short-sighted man who should not have been elected.

However, notwithstanding all of these factors, the very future of our nation is at stake and the November 4 election must not be frittered away on a "feel good" gesture to an unqualified candidate who looks and sounds good until one actually analyzes his words.

Consider these facts about Barack Obama:

*He has a history of associating with dangerous anti-American characters including William Ayers, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and Tony Rezko.

*He has no executive experience.

*He is a Marxist who believes that government should define who is rich and who is poor, and who believes that government should redistribute wealth from the haves to the have nots.

*He has sent $800,000 to ACORN, an organization that is known to be involved in voter fraud.

*He has no worthy accomplishments to his credit.

*He may not even be a US Citizen.

When it comes to protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and shielding 300 million Americans from harm, there is much more involved than doling out taxpayer money to homeless tramps, ex-felons, and felons-to-be in training, which is what community organizers do.

Barack Obama has spent most of his 47 years as a Community Organizer, working with unsavory characters like Weather Underground terrorist William Ayes, Islamofascist apologist Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and “Tony” Rezko, a Syrian immigrant who allegedly became a powerful political fixer in Chicago.

Oh, yes, the Anointed One has also served in the United States Senate for four years, less the 20 months that he has spent campaigning for higher office.

Being elected to the U.S. Senate does involve a commitment to one's constitutes and carries with it the expectation that the office holder will actually accomplish good things for the voters.

However, to paraphrase America's most notorious "Inevitability Queen," when it comes to Barack Obama, one is forced to ask, "Where are the worthy accomplishments? Where are the achievements of note?"

"What positive difference has Senator Barack Obama made for the people of Illinois, and/or for all Americans?"

"What good that now exists, and which is directly attributable to Barack Obama, would not exist if he had remained a Community Organizer in Chicago?"

Hillary's rhetorical questions were really meant to highlight the fact that Obama has absolutely no record of experience or accomplishment that would qualify him to command the most powerful military force in human history, or to manage the most sophisticated and prosperous society ever.

Being "clean and articulate" is commendable, and may be enough for some hateful Democrats, but, in and of itself, is not sufficient reason to vote Obama.

Bottom Line: America does not need a community organizer as president.

What we urgently need is a man with the skills, experience, tenacity, toughness, and intelligence to serve as the United States Commander in Chief. Visible battle scars a plus!

Community organizers without appropriate experience and credentials need not apply!