Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is "Community Organizer" the New N Word?

By John W. Lillpop

Shortsighted Democrats are constantly on the prowl for a catch phrase or innocuous expression that can be twisted and manipulated into the immoral equivalent of the N word.

It is called race baiting, an evil practice that has been used for decades by Democrats to mask their lack of palatable solutions to the vital issues of the day.

Now a non-sighted nut ball, known more officially as New York Governor David Paterson, has weighed in by alleging that "community organizer" is racist code-speak for black.

Paterson is the blind, black, and bellicose adulterer-druggie who had the good fortune of being available when Governor Eliot Spitzer decided to spend more time with his family (and defense lawyers) last spring.

Sensing that fellow black Barack Obama was on the verge of a historic meltdown, Paterson recently decided to add his unique vision to the debate by saying, "At this point, Americans wouldn't tolerate a racial appeal. What I'm saying is that there are sneaky ways to try to hurt someone," he said.

Sneaky ways? Now that IS an outrage!

Now that the evils of slavery, Jim Crow, unequal justice, and racial profiling have been addressed, America still has to concern itself with "sneaky" words?

Good heavens, where the *F*** is George Carlin, now that we need him most desperately?

Reporter Don Dahler (see WCBST link) adds that "what disturbed Paterson most was what seemed like derisive laughter on the part of the Republicans at Obama's choice of helping his community rather than getting rich on Wall Street."


Sneaky ways AND derisive laughter? That is downright un-American!

What has America come to when you have edgy Republicans running around deliberately using sneaky ways to hurt people, and then adding insult to injury with derisive laughter?

Clearly, America needs need tough new laws and a cabinet level department reporting directly to the president to investigate, detect, document, prosecute, and eradicate sneaky words and derisive laughter from the political process.

We could name the new law the "Fairness Doctrine," a suitable oxymoron for yet another foolhardy attempt by leftists to annihilate the First Amendment.

Just to show that the government really means business, let's really sock it to the fellow who maliciously attacked Sarah Palin with that sneaky "Lipstick on a Pig" jab, issued to elicit derisive laughter from gooey-eyed liberals not smart enough to recognize a meltdown by their candidate, even when said meltdown was taking place in front of their very eyes!

Still, perhaps there is a simple way to explain this community organizer conundrum so that weepy-eyed liberals like Governor Paterson can understand.

During the Viet Nam War, community organizers were the anti-war moon bats who evaded the military draft and rooted for victory by the North Vietnamese. They were NOT among the brave patriots who were held captive in North Viet Nam prisons, subjected to torture and great bodily harm on a daily basis for years and years.

Jane Fonda was a community organizer back in the 60s and 70s.

John McCain is an American hero and patriot who spent five years as a POW in North Viet Nam.

John McCain was NOT a community organizer!

See my point, Governor?