Friday, June 20, 2008

Listen Up, Mexico: Beggars Can't Be Choosers!

By John W. Lillpop

In the latest example of incomprehensible mindlessness coming from south of the U.S. border, politicians in third-world Mexico are "angry" because of conditions imposed by the United States as part of the Merida handout.

Merida is the latest rip-off proposed by Mexican mole George W. Bush and his pals in Congress. It would cause $1.4 billion dollars of hard-earned taxpayer loot to be deported to Mexico.


The purpose of Merida? Allegedly, to help bolster crime fighting by the Mexican government and, ultimately, to keep that nation's drug traffic out of America.

In other words, America would pay Mexican authorities $1.4 billion to enforce the law, and keep their dangerous and illegal drugs on their side of the border.

However, Mexican "pride" has caused some officials to balk at that $1.4 billion because of a contingency that would require Mexico to improve its deplorable human rights record.

That is analogous to a hobo- beggar refusing to accept a $100 bill if forced to take a much-needed shower!

To keep this issue in proper perspective, please remember that Mexico's human rights record ranks among the worse in the world.

For example, in March of 2008, the United Nations reported that Central American migrants traveling through Mexico to the United States face violence and abuse by Mexican authorities.

Jorge Bustamante, the U.N.'s Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, said that there are "reports of rampant impunity for instances of corruption, including bribery and extortion, violence against women, and trafficking in children…[and] that the impunity seems to be linked to abuses of power at the municipal, state and federal levels."


Corruption, bribery, extortion, violence against women, and trafficking in children by Mexican authorities?

And for those minor indiscretions, the United States has the audacity to interfere in Mexico's internal affairs before sending loco locals $1.4 billion?


Even more outrageous: Despite its own sub-human human rights record, Mexican leaders from Felipe Calderon, on down, are goofy enough to complain and whine non-stop that illegal aliens from Mexico are being mistreated in America!

That charge is profoundly idiotic given that illiterate peasants from Mexico continue to come to America by the millions!

If life here is so unbearable for Mexicans, why have upwards of 38 million illegal aliens risked life and limb just to invade America?

And why do they continue to stay, despite being unwelcome parasites?

Perhaps American officials should engage in "Corruption, bribery, extortion, violence against women, and trafficking in children." as a means for discouraging illegal aliens from coming here, and for causing those already here to migrate back to Mexico?

Finally, an appropriate word of counsel to daft Mexican officials: Beggars cannot be Choosers!