Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hillary Who?

By John W. Lillpop

In what is shaping up as a most dreary election season for conservatives, there is one ray of sunshine, one nugget of good news with which to take solace: The brutal pummeling of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Watching Hillary descend from the queen of inevitability to political leper in just five short months has provided the most entertainment and cheer in my household since my cable company starting beaming the adult channel in HDTV and surround sound.

Most amusing is the fact that Hillary is, in effect, being ignored.

For instance, President Bush caused a stink last week with his remarks in Israel about appeasement. Barack Obama, Joseph Biden, Nancy Pelosi and other leftist airheads made instant headlines with rebuttals to the the president.

And what did Hillary have to say about Bush's bashing of Democrats on foreign soil?

Who knows, or cares?

While John McCain and Obama exchange insults and assaults on a daily basis, nobody seems to give a darn what Hillary is thinking or doing.

Being known as a congenital liar and conniving bi*** for 20 years will have that effect on even the most hard-nosed world-class genius, which is how the Clintons see Hillary.

Hillary's Karma is so negative these days that her victory in the Kentucky primary was usurped by the tragic news about Ted Kennedy's medical condition.

Still, all is not lost Hillary. You are still young enough and healthy enough to take on another career. Why not become a stay at home mom and just "Stand by your Man," the reprehensible Slick Willie?

You know, bake him low-sodium cookies to nurture his wonky heart, at least until the Karma Gods have forgiven you for playing the race card against Senator Obama?

Move quickly, Hillary, or your legacy will most likely read, "Hillary Who?"