Monday, May 19, 2008

Beware Liberals in Republican Clothing

By John W. Lillpop

Dooms day prognosticators are warning of dire circumstances should Americans elect either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, or any combination thereof.

John McCain, we are warned, is our only hope.

There are those, including this conservative writer, who disagree most vehemently with the last part of that alleged conventional wisdom. For example, over at the Conservative Post, Scott Miller has this to say:

"The nomination of a pro-Amnesty, anti-tax cutting, Gitmo-closing, anti-free speech, gang of 14, eco-commie was the last straw for this conservative. I decided that after years of frustration watching Republicans act like mini-Democrats, that enough was enough for me."

Well-said, Mr. Miller, and spot on!

Miller's piece titled, The Destruction of the Republican Party, should be required reading for anyone who gives a damn about America and the future of our great nation.

Conservative Post:

Voting for John McCain in order to circumvent liberalism is like trying to extinguish a raging fire with 55-gallon drums of refined gasoline! Will not work, will only make things infinitely worse.

Besides, all signs point to another "thumping" of the GOP in November.

Thus, even if he were inclined to do so, President John McCain would be overwhelmed with the liberal tsunami that appears likely to drown common sense and pro-American sentiment in the next Congress.

Of course the fact is that John McCain cavorts with the likes of Teddy Kennedy and La Raza, the Hispanic racist organization, and would provide precious little protection against liberal foolishness.

John McCain is not conservative. God save us if he is our only hope.

Time to face reality, fellow conservatives. Because of the inept presidency of GW Bush and other RINOs, America is prepared to turn over this once great republic to naive, anti-American socialists.

Electing a socialist congress and president will inevitably exacerbate, rather than relieve, the problems that confront Americans. Having a so-called conservative in the White House would make the Republican party complicit in the carnage that will surely follow.

My preference is to either sit out the election, or write in the name of Chuck Baldwin or Alan Keyes.

I will not vote for another liberal in Republican clothing, which is exactly what John McCain is.

Four years from now, America will have had it's fill of failed socialist policies and, assuming that the republic survives, will be eager to return to conservative values.

As Scott Miller said in the close to the article referenced above, "It’s about time members of the GOP stopped being enablers. And a decisive defeat in November would be the perfect start."

Sad, but true!