Friday, March 21, 2008

Whither "Every Vote Must Count!" Hysteria by Democrats?

By John W. Lillpop

Out of touch liberals in the Democrat Party are fond of trumpeting themselves as the champions of disenfranchised voters. According to Howard Dean and other DNC goof balls, every last vote must be counted.

Excepting, that is, voters who happen to be:

* In the United States military or in harm's way;

* A resident of Florida or Michigan.

Pity United States Marines from Florida or Michigan presently serving in Iraq! These brave American heroes cannot be faulted for viewing the Democrat's "Every Vote Much Count!" pledge as so much hot air and a legitimate source of global warming.

Only the leftist phooey, "Our diversity is our greatest strength!" is more misleading, hypocritical, and laden with the excrement of male bovine critters, i.e., pure BS!

Remember the election of 2000? Al Gore and his band of thieves screamed "Every Vote Must Count" while trying to discredit votes cast by members of the military.

Democrats added to the 2000 vote chicanery by attempting to recount only those precincts in Florida that would yield more votes for Al Gore. "Every vote must count" did not seem like such a grand idea when it came to recounting precincts that were predominately Republican.

Thankfully, five Justices of the United States Supreme Court saw the folly in the Democrat's attempt to hijack the election, and Al Gore was sent back to Tennessee where he would spend the next several years gaining ungodly amounts of weight, while making up science to suit his ill begotten "global warming" socialist agenda.

Democrats as champions of every vote must count?

Do not believe it. In fact, the slogan is nothing but another cruel hoax perpetrated by the left in order to manipulate elections in favor of Democrat candidates!