Wednesday, March 26, 2008

If Bill Richardson Be Judas, What Does That Make Hillary?

By John W. Lillpop

Writing in his 2000 book titled, "Stickin': The Case for Loyalty," James Carville, political sycophant for the Clintons, claims that his out spoken ways have caused him to be called a court jester, clown, comedian, serpent head, gamecock, slimy little worm, hatchet man, attack master, and bottom feeder.

He is also known as the Rajin' Cajun and Clinton's gunsel, about which Carville says, "Whatever the hell that is, I'm sure I am one. I just don't know what it is."

Missing from the monikers used to describe Carville are terms like religious expert, biblical scholar, theologian, and religiosity consultant.

Which helps explain why Carville, in reacting to Governor Bill Richardson's abandonment of Hillary Clinton in favor of Barack Obama, referred to the governor as a "Judas."

The fact that Richardson's betrayal of Hillary played out during the Easter holiday inspired Carville to use the Judas reference as a "seasonal metaphor," in the words of this so-called political guru.

While Carville left very little doubt about his opinion of Governor Richardson, one wonders just how seriously Clinton's gunsel takes the Judas analogy.

For example, if Carville sees the governor as Judas, how does he perceive Hillary Clinton? Does he imagine her to be a deity-like figure, entitled to the presidency?

Perhaps the analogy can be taken one step further?

Judas, while a despicable, weak man smitten by evil, did, in fact, facilitate the logistics which lead to the execution of Jesus Christ, thereby fulfilling scripture which called for Jesus Christ to atone for the sins of mankind on the cross.

In effect, the betrayal by Judas was necessary in order for the passion of Jesus--the salvation of mankind--to be realized.

Perhaps Governor Richardson unwittingly assumed a similar role on behalf of America by saving our nation from the sinister and evil forces that would surely accompany Hillary Clinton into the White House?

If Richardson indeed helped spare America the agony and pain of another Clinton Administration, he should be rewarded handsomely!

Say, 30 pieces of silver?