Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Bush Legacy: John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Illegal Aliens

By John W. Lillpop

America desperately needs a Presidential Hall of Fame (PHOF) in which to enshrine the legacies of those 43 white males (to date) whom have served the American people as commander-in-chief and CEO.

The PHOF should be built on the banks of the Potomac in Washington, D.C., open to the public 365 days a year, free of charge. As with professional sports, the PHOF should commemorate exceptional performances, but unlike sports halls of fame, the PHOF should recognize failures as well.

For example, although the presidency of George W. Bush will continue for another 11 months, there is more than enough information available right now to designate W as the "Worst President in U.S. history."

Should America plunge any further between now and January 9, 2009, the PHOF curator can always rename W as the "Worsest President..." in a fitting tribute to W's pathetic struggle with the English language.

And just exactly might one find in the W room of the PHOF to justify his onerous label as Worst President?

To begin with, the candidacies of liberals John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama would be non-existent had George W. Bush not trashed the conservative movement in the United States.

Think back to 2002: After the mid-term elections in November of that year, the Republican Party had majority control of both Congress and the Executive branch.

The American people obviously trusted Republicans over Democrats when it came to defending the homeland, limiting the size of government, enforcing the borders and rule of law, and controlling spending.

Indeed, Republicans were blessed with an unprecedented opportunity to save America from the ravages of the liberalism for a decade or so, and to establish conservative principles as the answer to effective and responsible self-governance.

Unfortunately, six years later, the Republican Party has been all but destroyed, and the nation appears poised to elect a socialist as president, supported and bolstered by Democrat-socialist majorities in both chambers of Congress.

All of that thanks to the bumbling incompetence of George W. Bush who has meekly handed the torch of power to leftists bent on destroying America.

The George W. Bush legacy: John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, out-of-control spending, wide-open borders, collapse of rule of law, and 38 million illegal aliens.

Thanks for exactly nothing, George W. Bush!