Thursday, December 06, 2007

Leftist Foe of Dr. Michael Savage Indicted on Child Porn

By John W. Lillpop

Radio icon Michael Savage has been in the cross hairs of anti-American wackos for most of 2007. From illegal aliens who should not even be in America, to Islamofascists and their terror cover group known as CAIR, to the leftist nut balls seated on the San Francisco Board of Supervisor, Dr. Savage has been unfairly assaulted, maligned, and abused with impunity.

Because he holds and expresses very strong conservative views, Michael Savage has always been a convenient target for liberals, mostly because of jealousy over the outstanding success that the good doctor has enjoyed in the radio business.

When Michael began his radio career in San Francisco on KGO-AM 15 years ago, he was immediately assaulted by liberal Bernie Ward, also an on air employee of KGO. Ward thought it clever to claim that he could "hear white sheets flapping" during Savage's broadcasts, a childish innuendo that conservative views somehow made Savage a nazi.

Michael Savage appears to be enjoying the last laugh against his leftist enemy based on news that Ward has been indicted in a federal court on child porn charges.


Of course, Ward is merely accused as this point and deserves the presumption of innocence guaranteed all Americans.

Still, it seems ironic that the leftist with the big mouth who slammed Savage with such hatred 15 years ago is himself being slammed by the U.S. government on very serious criminal charges.

For all of his alleged faults, no one has ever accused Michael Savage of being a sexual deviant or criminal. In fact, most reasonable folks see Dr. Savage as a patriotic American simply standing up for rule of law and common sense against those who hate America.

Wonder when the Board of Supervisors will condemn Bernie Ward? Or is alleged child porn not all that important in kooky San Francisco?

Of course, Ward apologists and other left-wing retards blame George W. Bush for the problems that Bernie Ward finds himself in. Hint: Ward is an ex Catholic priest--need we say more?