Friday, April 13, 2007

Mike Nifong Needs to Pay Steep Price for Legal Malpractice

by John W. Lillpop

Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong is the latest high profile figure to wax apologetic in front of public microphones and cameras.

But if an apology was not enough to save Don Imus from the wrath of the PC gods, why should Nifong be spared?

After all, Nifong's behavior is far more serious, and perhaps even illegal.

Nifong should be permanently disbarred, and should be prohibited from even entering a court room except to be sentenced, or to be advised of judgments awarded against him.

The good news is that attorneys for David Evans, Reade Seligmann, and Collin Finnerty have not ruled out a civil action against Nifong on behalf of the three abused players.

Go for it, young men!

After all, Nifong willfully chose to take actions that could have ruined your lives. Let him pay for his foolishness with his checkbook and, hopefully, freedom.


John Lillpop is a recovering liberal.