Monday, December 11, 2006

Has Charles Rangel Unwittingly Solved America's Illegal Alien Crisis?

John W. Lillpop

Rarely do conservatives agree with Rep. Charles Rangel, Democrat from New York, on anything. Indeed, the liberal from “New Yawk,” whose voice sounds like he gargles hot lava briquettes, is too far to the left to be taken seriously by reasonable politicians, or most Americans for that matter.

Which is precisely why Rangel is a Democrat—he fits in perfectly with out-of-touch liberal thinkers like Nancy Pelosi and John Conyers.

However, a recent proposal made by Rangel may actually have merit and be worthy of serious consideration. That would be Rangel’s desire to reinstate the military draft.

Although he surely did not mean to do so, the Honorable Mr. Rangel may have unwittingly stumbled upon an idea that could solve both U.S. military recruitment shortfalls and the illegal alien crisis simultaneously.

Think about it.

Millions of illegal aliens invade America almost at will. Because the Bush administration values cheap tomatoes more than American sovereignty and homeland security, third-world criminals know that there is little or no risk involved in coming here unlawfully.

But what if President Bush and Congressional Democrats were to pass amnesty legislation AND Charles Rangel were able to push through reinstatement of the draft?

Do you suppose that those two eventualities might cause aliens in the U.S. illegally to reconsider their options?

Picture the scene: George W. Bush signs the amnesty and draft reinstatement bills in tandem. Once all obligatory congratulations and photo opportunities are out of the way, the U.S. Army immediately dispatches several hundred recruiters to the normal gathering places for illegal aliens.

That would be Home Depot parking lots, day labor centers, fast-food eateries, car washes, hospital emergency rooms, and other locations favored by those who do not belong here.

Conscripting 50,000 or so former illegal aliens into the U.S. Army and shipping them to Iraq and Afghanistan could transform the travel industry overnight. Millions of aliens might beat a hasty retreat back to Mexico in order to avoid the draft.

Other benefits would accrue as well: Mexican citizens still in Mexico but considering a northerly invasion might reconsider upon learning that migrating to America can cause one to be shipped 10,000 miles from Tijuana, where Spanish is rarely spoken, and where there is little tolerance for American immigrants, legal or not.

Because of Charles Rangel, those who would ignore our borders and laws may soon be forced to realize that migrating north involves more than just jumping a fence and stealing public services paid for by American taxpayers.

Gracias, Senor Rangel!