Friday, December 22, 2006

Arabic Signs Panic Virginia Virgins?

Upon first seeing the title of the fine column “Arabic Signs Panic Virginians” by Warner Todd Houston, my old, tired eyes misread the title as “Arabic Signs Panic Virgins.”

An understandable mistake as one endures the tandem ravages of age and insanity.

But my poor eyesight caused me to consider the following question: Where does Islamic Heaven get all the virgins needed to supply the Islamic brotherhood of suicide bombers and other Muslim martyrs?

If the liberal media are to be believed, George W. Bush eliminates Islamofascists like most people eliminate baked beans. That means that there must be a “virgin shortfall” in Islam heaven. Supply being outstripped by demand, and all that fancy economic stuff one picks up at Yale.

And who knows, perhaps the Jihadist community has decided that “Virginia virgins” fit the bill perfectly for replenishing available stock?

Bottom line: Maybe my eyes are not that bad, after all. Maybe virgins in Virginia should be wary of young, middle-eastern Muslim men who speak Arabic.

But that would be racial profiling. Right?