Thursday, November 16, 2006

How Do You Say “English Only!” in Spanish?

By John W. Lillpop

Apparently not all Americans share our president’s adoration for illegal aliens and their influence on American language and culture.

That is certainly the case in Farmers Branch, Texas, a suburb of Dallas where town leaders unanimously approved tough new anti-immigration measures, including one making English the official language.

Farmers Branch city council members also approved (unanimously) fines for landlords and businesses that deal with illegal immigrants, and decided to allow local authorities to screen suspects in police custody to see whether they are in the country illegally.

The good people of Farmers Branch were joined by great Americans in Pahrump, Nevada, where the town board declared English the official language, restricted the display of foreign flags, and denied town benefits to illegal immigrants.

The town board vote (3-2 in favor) drew a standing ovation and cheers from many of the 250 people at the meeting.

Patriots in Texas and Nevada were shown the way by super patriots in Arizona who passed Proposition 103 on November 7 to make English the official language of that great state.

Proposition 103 should help to end bilingual foolishness and the bitter divisiveness resulting from yet another failed liberal scheme that has proven to be contrary to the greater good.

Although all of these actions are great news and certainly steps in the right direction, all lack the ultimate punch needed to stamp out the pollution of American language. Namely, ending the nonsensical presentation of ballots and other government documents in multiple languages.

After all, voting is supposed to be the prerogative of citizens only. Right?

And those who become citizens by virtue of naturalization are supposed to have passed a citizenship test to demonstrate English proficiency. Right?

All of the above being true, why in Hades is a single penny of taxpayer money being wasted on other-than-English voting materials? You respond by saying it is required by federal law.

Well, let’s change the stupid federal law, and all implementing state and local laws as well!

Sound too harsh and anti-immigrant, perhaps even a tad racist? Well, consider this: Migrants have the greatest chance of realizing the “American Dream” if they learn the American language—that would be English—and assimilate into American culture.

Presenting voting materials and other public documents in a foreign language is counter-productive and actually harmful to newcomers because it enables many to delay or completely avoid assimilation. Coddling newcomers is not in their overall best interests, notwithstanding liberal pap to the contrary.

Some of my more rigid colleagues actually believe that “English Only” should be a federal statute with strict enforcement. Some even believe that speaking Spanish in public should be a federal crime, akin in severity to running a red stop light.

I disagree most vehemently. In my view, first-offense public Spanish speakers should be forced to listen to President Bush until it becomes clear that even pidgin English is preferable to speaking Hispanically.

Incidentally, President Bush reportedly reacted to the “English Only” wave sweeping America by saying: “No Es bueno!”

That pretty much says it all with regard to our president and his acute concern for American language!