Friday, October 06, 2006

Pelosi to Drain GOP Swamp, Backfill with Taxpayer Dollars

By John W. Lillpop

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) seems spiritually uplifted by the raging “page” scandal gripping the nation. Indeed, there is an extra spring in the San Francisco liberal’s steps, more sparkle in her eyes, and she seems to be enjoying those breaking news bulletins about decadence and immorality engulfing Washington, D.C.

In her excited euphoria over the prospects for personal political gain, Congresswoman Pelosi seems to have lost sight of the fact that several innocent children have been harmed, perhaps permanently. Pelosi’s lust for the position of “Speaker of the House” in the next Congress is apparently more powerful than any concern for abused children.

Perhaps the stench of immorality reminds Pelosi of her beloved San Francisco? After all, the California congresswoman is accustomed to being surrounded by those who practice a perverted version of “Sex in the City,” so the current scandal probably makes her feel right at home.

Although Democrats have visions of retaking the House next month, that is not a given. Five weeks is an eternity in politics; nearly anything can happen over that term.

Nonetheless, Pelosi has already started work on her “Housing Cleaning” agenda. Her to-do list for “draining the GOP swamp” is reported in a story by

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The Pelosi swamp-draining list includes:

* Sever link between lobbyists and legislation.
* Enact all recommendations made by the 9/11 Commission.
* Raise the minimum wage to $7.25 an hour.
* Cut the interest rate on student loans in half.
* Allow government to negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies.
* Broaden types of stem cell research allowed with federal funds.

To accomplish all of her socialist dreams on a “pay as you go” basis, Pelosi plans to roll back some of the Bush tax cuts.

Thus, her scheme is really “Tax as you go.”

Nobody has ever accused Nancy Pelosi of being the sharpest knife in the drawer. But her plans to remake America into a benevolent socialist state have been tried again and again in many foreign countries and found to be lacking.

Besides, Pelosi needs to face the fact that George W. Bush may find much useful life left in that veto pen that he has used only once in six years. Democrats are very unlikely to secure a veto-proof majority in both chambers, so Pelosi’s dreams are little more than nightmares-in-waiting for the bug-eyed liberal from la-la land.

Be careful, Ms. Pelosi, because draining those swamps may expose you and your Democratic colleagues to hungry alligators looking to feast on liberals for breakfast!

John W. Lillpop is a recovering liberal.