Thursday, October 05, 2006

Are Mexican Officials Inherently Incapable of Reasoned Thought?

By John W. Lillpop

In yet another stunning demonstration of the fact that Mexico is inhabited and governed by third-world banditos incapable of reasoned thought, Mexican officials threatened to take the United States to the United Nations.

And what occasioned this belligerent warning? To wit:

* Did the United States violate the sovereignty and borders of Mexico by encouraging 20 million illiterate American peasants to cross the border illegally?

* Did American illegal aliens feed at the public trough for health care, education, food, housing and other vital services to which they were not entitled, and which cost Mexican taxpayers hundreds of billions of pesos each year?

* Did American illegal aliens overwhelm Mexican hospitals, medical clinics, and emergency rooms and refuse to pay for medical services received?

* Did the impact of serving American illegal aliens force scores of medical facilities into bankruptcy, resulting in the loss of vital medical services for Mexican citizens?

* Did American illegal aliens who refused to pay for medical services manage to send $30 billion a year back to the United States?

* Did American illegal aliens refuse to learn Spanish, and demand that Mexico provide services in English at considerable cost to Mexican citizens?

* Did the children of American illegal aliens slow down and otherwise impede the education of Mexican children because of language and cultural issues?

* Did American illegal aliens demand driver’s licenses despite being in Mexico illegally? Did they demand that driver instruction and testing materials be in English?

* Did American illegal aliens demand the same reduced tuition rates offered to Mexican students there legally?

* Did American illegal aliens vote in Mexican elections and alter election results?

* Did American illegal aliens overwhelm Mexico’s penal system, making it impossible to deal with the citizen inmate population?

* Did the largest state in Mexico contract with another Mexican state for the housing and care of 15,000 inmates because of the impact of American illegal aliens?

* Did American illegal aliens engage in wholesale forgery of vital public documents and commit identity theft in order to secure employment, education, credit, and access to public services?

* Did American illegal aliens in Mexico in 1986 receive amnesty in an attempt by the Mexican government to end illegal migrations once and for all?

* Did the Mexican government refuse to enforce the provisions of the amnesty, thereby causing the American illegal alien problem to grow seven times greater in the span of 20 years?

* Did millions of American illegal aliens take to the streets to protest pending legislation in the Mexican congress that would tighten border security and enforce the nation’s immigration laws?

* Did American illegal aliens wave Old Glory and scream “Yes, we can!” and “We are Mexico!” in English as they marched to protest the rule of law in Mexico?

* Did American illegal aliens cry “Racism” every time they were criticized for being in Mexico illegally or challenged to learn Spanish and assimilate into Mexican society?

None of the above is correct, although each and every item would provide more than adequate justification for diplomatic, if not military, action by the offended nation against the offender nation.

In fact, however, Mexican officials threatened to take the United States to the United Nations over the border fence legislation that was signed into law by President Bush this week. Go here:

In other words, this corrupt bunch of third-world banditos is under the misguided notion that America has no sovereign rights or borders, and that our great nation should be open to every Mexican peasant that decides unilaterally to squat in America.

Thank goodness that President Bush ignored Mexico’s attempt to dictate American border and immigration policy.

If Mexican officials are foolish enough to formally complain about a fence being built by Americans on American soil, the United Nations should reject such a complaint as a childish and illogical attempt by Mexicans to interfere in matters that are the exclusive domain of the United States and its citizens!

John W. Lillpop is a recovering liberal.