Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mexico’s Andres Obrador: Role Model for Illegal Aliens in America

By John W. Lillpop

On Tuesday, Mexico’s Federal Tribunal ruled unanimously that Felipe Calderon is Mexico’s newly elected president. The ruling is final, since appeals are not allowed. Go here

At long last, Mexico’s bitterly contentious election is over. Mexican citizens can now unite and get on with life as one big family.

But, can they? Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the losing candidate, immediately announced that he does not accept the ruling and will not recognize Calderon as Mexico’s president.

Obrador even vowed to disrupt Mexico’s presidential swearing-in ceremony, scheduled for December 1. This is on the heels of events last week in which leftists seized the podium and refused to allow current President Vicente Fox to deliver his state of the state address to the Mexican Congress.

Even as despicable and loathsome as Democrats can be in America, they have never attempted to physically prevent a Republican president from delivering a State of the Union address.

In 2000, Al Gore accepted the Supreme Court ruling that went against him and in favor of G.W. Bush. Gore then gritted his teeth while witnessing the new Republican president being sworn into office on January 20, 2001.

To this day, Gore and the Democrats continue to whine that the 2000 election was stolen. Yet, because of their respect for the rule of law, Democrats have not sought to interfere with the legal functioning of the Bush administration, except for their usual obstruction and tax tactics in Congress.

The contrast between democracy in the United States and Mexico is striking, and should serve as a wake-up call for politicians charged with protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution.

Like Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and his followers, millions of Mexican illegal aliens in the United States have shown their blatant disregard for democracy by marching in the streets to protest the rule of law here.

We must not allow America to deteriorate into an extension of third-world Mexico.

John W. Lillpop is a recovering liberal.