Wednesday, September 20, 2006

How Do You Say La Raza in Arabic?

By John W. Lillpop

As an English-speaking Caucasian, I have learned to accept the
fact that America is in transition and is likely to become less and
less Anglo.

The only remaining issue seems to be the competition between
Islamofascists and Mexican illegal aliens. Which group will
take over America and change things even more?

Or will illegal aliens and Jihadists form a coalition and
convert the United States into a Muslim version of Mexico--an
Arabian-Latino third-world terrorist state?

Before those hot-blooded Latinos and short-fused
Islamic extremists merge into one big dysfunctional family,
several pressing issues will need to be resolved. Those issues

* What will the national language be--Arabic or Spanish?

* Will the official national headdress be the sombrero or the
exploding turban?

* Will women be required to wear mantillas or burkas?

* Will Mexican parents be required to raise their children to be
suicide bombers?

* Will Mexican teens be shipped to Israeli pizza
parlors on missions for Allah?

* Will Muslim teens join street gangs, wear their baseball caps
backward and jeans ten inches too low, and drive 1955
Chevrolets with boom boxes loud enough to register on the

* Will the official weapon of choice for domestic violence be
switchblade knifes or mosque-certified axes?

* Will Mexicans have to buy prayer rugs, face Mecca, and pray
to Allah five times a day? In Arabic?

* Will Muslims set up employment vigils outside Home Depot

* Will adulterous Mexican women be stoned to death?

* Will adulterous Muslim women able to achieve redemption through confession to a priest rather than through public stoning?

* Will Muslims celebrate with piƱatas and do the “Mexican Hat Dance?”
at Christmas?

* Will the faithful travel to mosques on camels or donkeys?

* Will Mexican martyrs be rewarded with 72 virgins upon reaching
heaven? Where will God and or Allah find 72 Mexican virgins?

* Will those hideous recorded phone instructions ask you to
Press 1 for Arabic, 2 for Spanish, or 3 for Arabic and Spanish
language lessons?

All of this pessimism can be summarized in one simple question:
How do you say La Raza in Arabic?

John W. Lillpop is a recovering liberal.