Saturday, December 20, 2008

Myopic Vision, Greed Doom Auto Workers

By John W. Lillpop

When labor unions were originally established in America, they provided blue collar workers with the much needed ability to level the playing field with corporate moguls who worshipped the bottom line, but who had little or no regard for those whose sweat made corporate profits possible.

In that environment, labor unions provided a positive and vital service on behalf of working people.

Unfortunately, union leaders fell victim to the same myopic vision and greed that had dominated the management class. Affiliations with organized crime added to the corruption of the labor movement.

No longer a positive force working for labor, most unions have become enemies of working people as a result of wage and benefits demands that drive employers to outsourcing and moving businesses to foreign nations for meeting labor needs.

The collapse of the domestic auto industry is an excellent example. Labor unions, in conjunction with mindless Democrats, who impose needless environmental regulations on business, have driven the Big Three to the brink of extinction with demands that render GM, Chrysler, and Ford non-competitive.

Blue-collar workers need to realize that labor unions are responsible for destroying the industries that provide jobs and income.

The solution is to make union membership a voluntary choice and make elections open and transparent.

If working class Americans are to have any hope for better times, they must work to remove the yoke of labor unions that has become just as detrimental to their well being as was the unchecked tyranny of management from years ago.