Saturday, October 11, 2008

The World Will NOT End on Nov. 5: It Will Just Seem That Way!

By John W. Lillpop

I happen to believe that Sarah Palin can pull this puppy out, despite the best efforts of John McCain and George W. Bush.

However, IF the American people willfully partake of Barack Obama's Kool-aid on November 4, America will NOT cease to exist the next day.

Earth will NOT fall into a leftward tilt and spin out of orbit, sending all six billion of us to our deaths in one helacious purging of humankind.

It will just seem that way for a while, especially if Democrats steal enough seats in the U.S. Senate to thwart filibusters.

Still, even if Barack Obama wins the White House and Democrats gain bulletproof majorities in the Congress, all is not lost.

This too shall pass! Just like a bad stomachache or a wretched bout of diarrhea.

To begin with, liberals are just stupid enough to believe that America is craving a return to liberal policies.

According to folks like Barack Obama, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid, Americans want higher taxes, $10 a gallon gasoline, never-ending dependence on Middle East oil, greater vulnerability to terrorism, open borders, and a president who thinks that being a good citizen of the world is more important than being a red-blooded patriotic American.

Liberals actually believe that Americans do not care about patriotism, family values, and religious faith.


The good news: Because liberals mistakenly believe that voter outrage is a rejection of conservative values, they will inevitably go too far and will resurrect policies that the American people simply do not favor, and, in fact, loathe.

The truth of the matter is that voters are livid with rage at RINOs like George W. Bush who have abandoned conservative values and responsible governance.

Make no mistake about it: Conservatives will suffer greatly, but probably only for two years.

Mid-term elections will take place in 2010, and if Obama and the Democrats overreach as much as expected, conservatives should be perfectly poised to take back sufficient seats in the House and Senate to keep Obama in his box until the end of his first (and only) term in 2012.

November 5 will not mark the end of the Reagan Revolution; rather, it will mark the start of Phase 11 of that epic battle.

If real conservatives--not just Republicans, mind you, but real conservatives--live up to conservative ideals, we may very well be celebrating the permanent and total demise of liberalism four short years from now.

Fret not, fellow conservatives! Instead approach the future with hope and optimism, knowing that when conservative values are applied with due diligence, they work.

As will be made abundantly clear if worse comes to worse, the exact opposite is true with the failed ideology called liberalism.