Thursday, October 02, 2008

Can Exit Polls Be Trusted on November 4?

By John W. Lillpop

Liberals looking for an excuse in the event that the Barack Obama mission fails have declared that the only way Obama can lose is if white racism rears its ugly head on November 4.

According to folks like Jack Cafferty of CNN, Obama should win in a landslide unless millions of bigoted Caucasians use the solitude of the voting booth to release pent-up hatred for people of color, especially haughty African Americans.

However, little or nothing is said about the black racism that will cause millions to vote for Obama solely because he is a brother, and or against John McCain because he is white.

How is it that white racism is a grave offense against humanity, whereas racism as practiced by people of color is inconsequential, or even worthy of celebrating as a symbol of unity?

For the sake of argument, if one accepts that racism is a factor working against Obama, one wonders what the major networks have in mind when it comes to using exit polls on election night?

Think about it: How many white bigots who have voted against Obama because of his race are likely to tell the truth to network goons outside the polling place?

Bigots who have voted against Obama will know that their anti-American hatred is a government secured secret, shielded from public view by the secret ballot.

What would be gained by telling the truth to an exit pollster?

The big question: Will ratings-hungry networks abandon the exit polls on November 4 and let America decide its next president the old fashioned way: By counting the actual votes, one by one?