Sunday, September 28, 2008

Newt Gingrich: George W. Bush Does Not Understand Fiscal Crisis

By John W. Lillpop

Former Speaker of the U.S. House Newt Gingrich recently addressed the market meltdown with unusual candor, including his assertion that President Bush does not understand the crisis. He also called for the resignation of Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.

Responding to a question about whether House Republicans would buy in to the bail out package, Gingrich said, in part:

“They may have to, in the end, tolerate some of this. Because in the end, you have the Democrats desperate for socialism now. You have an administration which, in my judgment, has lost its mind."

Gingrich continued:

“The president did a speech today, he did a speech Wednesday night, none of which I think are particularly helpful. Both because his standing now is so low, and because he’s so partisan and because I don’t think any serious person believes he understands this problem."

President Bush does not understand the problem? Yet he is pushing for a $700 billion bail out?

Just as frightening: Neither John McCain nor Barack Obama is any more qualified than George Bush to lead America and the free world during the financial tsunami.

In fact, we the people have no one representing our interests in Washington, D.C. during these dangerous times. That is the most outrageous part of this scandal.