Saturday, September 06, 2008

Aborting Nancy Pelosi's Unholy Communion

By John W. Lillpop

Nancy Pelosi is an intrepid progressive who rarely deviates from the basic tenets of liberalism, including devout worship of abortion rights, the Holy Grail of liberalism.

She is also a Catholic, a fact that would appear to be in direct conflict with her stance on abortion. In a recent stint on Meet the Press, Pelosi was asked to reconcile the conflict by host Tom Brokaw.

Pelosi's response shocked good Catholics, as well as some not-so-good ones, from coast to coast, and cast a pall over the mental health of the woman who stands third in line for succession to the United States presidency.

She essentially said that that church fathers, such as St. Augustine, had not defined over the centuries when life begins nor did they have a solid position on abortion.

Understand that Nancy Pelosi has never been mistaken for an intellectual, or a gifted genius with obvious potential to own Mensa.

Nor does the Lady bring the credentials of a theological scholar to the debate.

Still, by claiming that the Catholic Church does not own a solid position on abortion, Madam Speaker crashed through the incredulity ceiling with greater force than when she became the first woman Speaker of the United States House.

She also sent some Catholics into comatose shock upon learning of her confusion on an issue so critical to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Then again, Pelosi lives in San Francisco where progressive ideology usually trumps religious values every day of the week, 24/7.

Living in The City has given Pelosi the luxury of residing in her make believe dream world without being challenged as to her eligibility to participate in Catholic rituals such as Holy Communion.

Until now, that is.

Egged on by Catholics angered by Pelosi's schizophrenic "have it both ways" behavior, San Francisco Archbishop George H. Niederauer may be about to put an end to Pelosi's Unholy Communion.

In a letter delivered to Pelosi's office, Archbishop Niederauer stated that local Catholics are pressuring him to forbid the California Democrat to receive Holy Communion because of her recent televised remarks favoring abortion.

For the benefit of non-Catholics and "Cafeteria Catholics" alike, Holy Communion is the top sacrament of the church. It is supposed to indicate a firm commitment to Church teachings, rather than an empty gesture made only to make one feel better on Sunday mornings.

Archbishop Niederauer's letter was a strong indication that one of America's most prominent politicians may soon be denied the right to take the sacrament in San Francisco.

His letter also offered an olive branch, of sorts, with the Archbishop inviting Pelosi to meet with him to discuss the matter before she is actually denied Holy Communion.

"It is my obligation to teach forthrightly and to shepherd caringly, and that is my intent," said Archbishop Niederauer.


One can only hope that Pelosi will accept the opportunity to learn about Catholicism and abortion from an official with the credentials and knowledge to teach her the truth.

The big question: Does Nancy Pelosi have the moral fortitude to abandon abortion as an inalienable right in favor of respect for all forms of human life?

Obviously, that remains to be seen.