Friday, July 11, 2008

More Racially Insensitive: Lynching or "Cutting His Nuts Off"?

By John W. Lillpop

Back in January, during broadcast of a major tournament by the Golf Channel, host Kelly Tilghman and analyst Nick Faldo discussed the preeminence of Tiger Woods on the PGA Tour, and how Tiger's very presence overwhelmed younger players who aspire to fame and fortune as golf professionals.

Faldo suggested that those young players might need to "gang up" on Woods, and Tilghman interjected, "Lynch him in a back alley?"

Naturally, Reverend Al Sharpton immediately took exception to Tilghman's remark, and declared that she should be fired for using words that offend African- Americans.

Tilghman, by the way, is a Caucasian young lady with long blond hair, crystal blue eyes, perfect teeth, and an angelic smile. Somehow, Reverend Sharpton found a deranged racist hiding behind all of that drop-dead beauty.

Fact forward to July 6 when Reverend Jesse Jackson unwittingly unveiled his scheme to undo Barack Obama's masculinity and reproductive rights on right-wing television.

Never one to mince his words, Jackson whispered, "I want to cut his nuts off" into a live FOX microphone.

So where is the outrage and incredulity from Reverend Sharpton concerning Jackson's violent threat against brother Obama. Surely, Jackson's words would be sufficiently inflammatory to, say, shut down New York City?

But then again, perhaps lynching is more cruel and unusual than "Cutting His Nuts Off", Reverend?

Or were Kelly Tilghman's remarks were more offensive and racist only because of her whiteness?