Thursday, March 13, 2008

What Makes a Politician a "Genius"?

By John W. Lillpop

Ever wonder how the mainstream media unilaterally decides that certain politicians are "genius" caliber, while others are stupid?

There does seem to be a definite pattern: The more liberal the politician, the higher the IQ, at least according to the biased media.

Take the example of Bill Clinton. According to the mainstream media, this man is so damned intelligent that the test used to measure adult IQ simply does not apply.

On planet earth, only Hillary is smarter, although Barack Obama is moving up quickly in the IQ sweepstakes.

But just how smart is Bill Clinton, really?

Remember that this is the president who, while being in the cross hairs of a hostile Congress for alleged harassment of Paul Jones and others, took out time from his busy schedule to teach a young Jewish intern the joys of oral sex, in the Oval Office of the White House!

Would a legitimate genius, while functioning as the most powerful man in the world, really do something that idiotic?

Amazingly enough, Clinton's IQ spiked 10-20 points after each "Bimbo Eruption," at least in the media.

Then we have the current crisis that has engulfed Eliot Spitzer, former governor of New York state and genius in training for the U.S. presidency.

At 48 years of age and with the world seemingly at his beckon call, Spitzer decided that cavorting with a ring of prostitutes in a Washington, D.C., hotel would be a cool distraction from the stress of living in the Governor's mansion with his beautiful wife and three lovely daughters.

Does behavior of that sort make a whit of sense to anyone with an IQ higher than a thimble of recycled coffee grounds?

But, of course, Clinton and Spitzer are liberals and, as such, are not to be judged by the standards that apply to mere mortals.

While the media love to heap lavish praise on liberal politicians who do incredibly stupid things, they are just as passionate about dubbing anyone with an R next to his name as an idiot.

Take the example of George W. Bush. Although he has been dead wrong on a number of issues such as immigration and spending, he is, in fact, a highly educated man from Yale University. Obviously he is no slouch when it comes to intelligence.

Bush is also a man of faith and a devoted family man who goes to bed around 9 PM each night, sleeps in his own bed with his spouse, and reads Reader's Digest. In other words, he is a decent and good man.

But according to the mainstream media, W lacks sufficient intelligence to be the White House gardener, much less president.

The bottom line: Opinions expressed in the mainstream media are extremely convoluted and biased and, as such, should not be taken seriously.