Friday, February 22, 2008

Obama's One Great Accomplishment

By John W. Lillpop

Although Barack Obama has been ruthlessly chided by the Clintonistas for lacking substantial experience and accomplishment, the fact is that the senator from Illinois should be very proud of one accomplishment in particular.

Namely, because of Barack Obama, the most divisive and hated politician in America since Richard M. Nixon has been put in her bloody place before being able to invade the White House and do further damage to this great nation.

By sending the "inevitability" soldiers of Hillary Rodham Clinton into retreat, Obama has defeated the most vicious and pointed threat to America in decades.

For his success in sparing America the agony of another Clinton administration, Obama should receive the Nobel Peace Prize, an Oscar, and six or seven bedrooms and matching baths from Al Gore's grotesque mansion in Nashville, Tennessee.

Which is not to say that Obama is actually good for America, other than as the anti-Hillary pest exterminator that the nation needs so desperately.

Obama is at least as mindless with his leftist philosophy as is Hillary, but his help in demolishing the Clinton invincibility myth has been a treasure to behold.

With Hillary out of the way, those of us who are proud of America can now train our sights on the effervescent Obama and his socialist bubble machine, crazy wife, and closet Muslim background.

Vanquishing Obama will not be a complete thrill because the nation owes the man a huge debt of gratitude in saving us from Queen Hillary and her court jester, also known as Slick Willie.

Sorry, Obama, you will have to go--but we do appreciate your anti-Hillary talents!