Sunday, December 02, 2007

Democrats Owe General Petraeus a Formal Public Apology

By John W. Lillpop

To the utter and complete dismay of the Democrat party and its metaphorical bed mates at MoveOn.Org and in the mainstream media, it now appears as though the surge is working.

Repeat: As of now, it looks as though conditions in Iraq are turning in favor of the U.S.-led coalition.

Far from being lost as declared by Senator Harry Reid in a binge of wishful thinking, this war may actually be winnable.

That great news for those who oppose terrorism is the cause of wide spread anxiety among Democrats. Nothing causes liberals to break out in cold sweats quicker the prospect of a military victory in Iraq, particularly when that W is posted by the American team.

Just last September, General David Petraeus and his staff warned Democrats that things were getting better, and that even more progress could be expected as the surge continued to unfold.

But Democrats would have none of that.

After all, General Petreaus is a only a highly decorated military professional who spent most of 2007 "on the ground" in Iraq, managing coalition forces.

What could he possibly know about fighting and winning a war?

Besides, General Petreaus reports to the commander-in-chief, who just happens to be President George W. Bush. That fact alone would make it impossible to trust or believe Petreaus, the U.S. Constitution notwithstanding.

Instead, the brain trust of the Democrat party elected to impugn the good name and honor of General Petraeus based on an outrageous attack ad by goof balls at MoveOn.Org .

That ad was so anti-American that the New York Times decided to partially underwrite it by providing MoveOn.Org with a discounted price.

Since General Petraeus presented his report in September, things in Iraq have gotten progressively worse. For terrorists and Democrat politicians, that is.

For America and patriotic Americans, things there are getting better and better.

So much so that even the fog of dementia under which John Murtha has floated has started to lift.

"I think the surge is working, but that's only one element," said Murtha, who chairs the defense appropriations subcommittee. "And the surge is working for a couple of different reasons. And one reason is the increase in troops." *

Adding to the dismay of folks named Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Kennedy, Clinton, Obama, Murtha, and the like is the fact that the war is becoming less and less of an issue to voters who will go to the polls in eleven months.

A vital lesson may be brewing for liberals: While Americans dislike war, we like winning even more.

In the meantime, honorable Democrats, if there are any, owe General Petraeus a Public Apology.

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