Friday, October 26, 2007

Socialist Thug Turns 60

By John W. Lillpop

Today, October 26, 2007 is the 60th birthday of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

What an enigmatic character! Good heavens, in polls of the democratic base she appears unstoppable. Yet in wider polls of the American people at large, Hillary's negatives are close to 50 percent.

Hillary Clinton is truly the woman people love to hate. Especially in Republican circles.

Those seriously considering a vote for Hillary in 2008 need to answer several crucial questions:

-What impact would she have on America's defense and homeland security? Will she be pro-America or pro-global village?

- Can she earn and sustain the respect of Americans in uniform --those responsible for protecting the nation?

-What sort of nominations would she advance for vacancies on the Supreme Court and other federal judgeships?

-What impact would she have on U.S. sovereignty, vis-à-vis illegal aliens, the NAU, and the United Nations?

-What impact would she have on America's foreign policy? How long before she realizes that everything is not the fault of George W. Bush?

-What impact would far left extremists have on her policy decisions?

-What impact would she have on taxes, spending, and the economy? How would she handle Social Security and Medicare reform?

-What impact would she have on the growth of government regulations and intrusion into the lives of Americans?

-What impact would she have on religious faith and spiritual issues?

-What role would Bill Clinton play in her administration? That "Two for the price of one" nonsense did not work too well in 1992.

-Can she provide moral leadership and serve as a role model?

And last, but not least, with which baseball team would she align her rooting sympathies? The Washington Nationals or New York Yankees?

Or would she do the politically expedient think by rooting for both because the Yankees and Nationals are in opposing leagues?

If so, what if the Yankees and Nationals end up as foes in the World Series?

The really big question: Can America survive even one term of Hillary Clinton and a Democrat House and Senate?