Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pelosi Power Petering Out?

By John W. Lillpop

Nancy Pelosi, San Francisco's most accomplished straight queen, came into power with great fanfare and hoopla.

It was to be new day in America, promised the bug-eyed liberal extremist.

With a socialist female at the helm, a liberal renaissance would right the ship that had drifted so dangerously off course while evil Republican males were in charge.

Back in early January, Speaker Pelosi seemed full of vim when she boldly pledged to end the Iraq war, eliminate the Bush tax cuts for the rich, and eradicate the Culture of Corruption.

More than 120 days later, Pelosi Power has accomplished--nothing!

Except, that is, to drive congressional approval ratings below those of the man whom Pelosi calls "incompetent," AKA President Bush.

President Bush may, in fact, be incompetent. But even so, he seems quite capable of out gunning the even more incompetent Speaker Pelosi.

The last manifestation of Pelosi Power failure came when Democrats announced on May 21st that the funding bill for the Iraq war would be submitted to the president without the foolish timelines that Pelosi was so proud of.

Pelosi Pork, amounting to scores of billions of dollars in the funding bill that was vetoed by the president, is also to be removed.

Those billions, it will be recalled, were used by Speaker Pelosi to bribe reluctant House members into voting for surrender.

Amazingly enough, since Pelosi hijacked the Speaker's gavel, America's troop commitment to Iraq has actually increased.

No doubt the Speaker did not help her cause by visiting and cajoling with Syrian President Assad, a major sponsor of terrorism.

And botching a simple message from Israel Prime Minister Olmert only added to Pelosi's reputation as a diplomatic menace that should seek a career more in line with her native intelligence and skills.

Like suicide bomber, for example.

Pelosi's failures in the Iraq war and international diplomacy might be at least partially excused were she to produce a spectacular triumph in dismantling the Culture of Corruption.

Regrettably, the Pelosi record with regard to corruption can be summarized in just two words: William Jefferson.

Ouch and ugh! are two other words that seem apt.

Still, the Pelosi experiment seems to be confirming a fundamental truth about American culture and politics:

For some, a woman's place is in the home--but NOT the House!

John Lillpop is a recovering liberal.