Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Michael Savage Honored With Prestigious Freedom of Speech Award!

By John W. Lillpop

Next Stop: Oval Office?

In a stunning boost to his White House aspirations, conservative radio talk show superstar Michael Savage has been named the recipient of the TALKERS Magazine Freedom of Speech Award for 2007.

Here: http://www.homestead.com/prosites-prs/savage_release.pdf

Savage was so honored, "For being the first major conservative radio talk show host to criticize President George W. Bush on his policies and encourage hosts of all political ideologies to remain independent of partisan loyalties."

Previous recipients of the award include Howard Stern, Al Franken, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity and Colmes, Norman Pattiz, Bill O'Reilly, and Brian Lamb.

This coveted award provides independent, non-partisan validation of the fact that Michael Savage is a true American patriot whose understanding and adherence to first amendment principles exceeds that of any of the other presidential hopefuls.

The award also substantiates Savage's advantage over the current occupant of the White House in that it proves that Savage is able to string two coherent sentences back-to-back and speaks what is widely recognized as fathomable English.

Wouldn't it be great to have those qualities in a president for a change?

John Lillpop is a recovering liberal.