Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just a “botched joke,” Senator?

By John W. Lillpop

John Kerry has never been known for having a flippant or wild sense of humor. In fact, the senator comes across as a rather dry, snobbish elitist who regards levity as a colossal waste of time, and a behavior found only among the unwashed masses and other unfortunates stuck in the American middle class.

Given Kerry’s low regard for humor and those foolish enough to laugh now and again, Kerry’s excuse for his latest faux pas seems implausible at best, and a downright fabrication (lie), at worse.

For those who missed the most recent Kerry fireworks, on Monday the junior senator from Massachusetts warned students in California that those who failed to become educated and smart risked being stuck in Iraq. The implication was clear: U.S. soldiers in Iraq are there only because they are uneducated and stupid.

Kerry’s original remarks were bad enough, but then he compounded the problem by claiming that his remarks were due to a “botched joke.”

It was all simply a botched joke, Senator Kerry? And when did Kerry start including stand-up comedy in his political speeches?

Is Teresa Heinz aware of this dramatic career move? Has she agreed to pay the bills until this late-life crisis has run it course and Kerry is again employed in a respectable day job?

Comedy is an art form that demands an impeccable instinct for timing. Calling our troops uneducated and stupid in the same week that the 100th American soldier was killed in Iraq during October suggests that Kerry does not have a very good sense of timing for comedy-- or politics.

Besides being highly offensive and insulting to the men and women who battle in harm’s way every day for our freedom and way of life, Kerry’s mindless remarks ignored a few essential facts.

To begin with, the United States military is an all-volunteer force these days. Each and every individual in our military has chosen to serve—all could have chosen otherwise. Nobody gets “stuck” in Iraq except by their own choosing!

Secondly, on average, U.S. troops are more highly educated than most Americans. Today’s military relies on technology that could not have even been imagined during Kerry’s military days, and our soldiers must be capable of using highly sophisticated equipment and machinery.

Third, Senator Kerry also ignored the fact that U.S. troops risk life and limb because of their deep devotion to the ideals of freedom and democracy and their impassioned love for America. That would be called patriotism, a word that may be beyond the grasp of the educated and intellectual John F. Kerry.

However, John Kerry is hardly alone in his disrespect and low regard for the U.S. military. President Bill Clinton once stated that he (Clinton) “loathed the military.” Democrats in general share that perspective and consistently work to oppose measures that would strengthen national defense and security.

Perhaps John Kerry’s remarks will ultimately prove beneficial to America. That will be so if voters remember his put down of U.S. soldiers and refuse to elect Democrats on November 7.