Monday, October 02, 2006

Before Voting Democratic, Ask, “How Would Osama bin Laden Vote?”

To those seriously contemplating a vote for a Democrat(s) next month, please consider the elections from the perspective of America’s most avowed enemy and those lusting to see Yankee blood flowing in the streets of U.S. cities from sea to shining sea.

In other words, ask, “How would Osama bin Laden vote?”

To wit:

*Which political party would OBL prefer to see vested with majority power?

*Which politicians would work to outlaw NSA wiretapping, aggressive interrogations of terrorist detainees, and other intelligence tools vital to preventing a repeat of 9/11?

*Which politicians would work full time to obstruct G.W. Bush, U.S. intelligence agencies, and the U.S. military in efforts to win the war on terror?

*Which politicians would “cut and run” in Iraq, thereby handing Jihadists a major victory, both strategically and psychologically?

*Which politicians would constantly compare the war in Iraq to Vietnam in an attempt to further weaken the resolve of the American people?

*Which politicians would devastate U.S. troop morale by declaring that America cannot win in Iraq, or by accusing American soldiers of terrorist acts against Iraqi civilians?

*Which politicians would compare conditions at Guantanamo Bay to Nazi prison camps during World War II, and accuse the Bush administration of violating the Geneva Convention?

*Which politicians would blame American foreign policy for 9/11 and the war on terror in general?

The answer to all these questions is abundantly clear: Democrat politicians offer Islam extremists with the greatest opportunity to defeat America and win the war on terror.


John W. Lillpop is a recovering liberal