Thursday, August 31, 2006

Muslim Who Used SUV in Jihad Attack Just “Mentally Unstable”

By John W. Lillpop

When Omeed Aziz Popal used his SUV as a weapon of mass destruction against 18 innocent Bay Area victims on Tuesday, the liberal media immediately went into cover-up based on PC etiquette and distortion standards prevalent in most newsrooms.

Rather than describing Popal as an Islamic Jihadist who used his black Honda to gather souls for Allah, the media tried to paint the killer as a victim of “mental instability.” Go here

In the San Francisco Examiner piece linked, the fact that Popal is Muslim is not even mentioned. Instead, Popal is described as a “pleasant” man who was recently married in Afghanistan, but who has had mental problems over the past six months.

In keeping with the San Francisco tradition of turning alleged killers into victims, Popal was quickly moved from jail to a hospital for “mental observation.” Given the mental insanity that is San Francisco, one wonders how Popal could be culled out from the average liberal wacko driving the streets of The City.

Because he is a potential Muslim terrorist, Popal is regarded as a “protected species” in the Bay Area.

As such, he qualifies for the same special treatment that the media would bestow on a handicapped, lesbian illegal alien, woman of color, who speaks no English, and who has lived on welfare and other intoxicating agents for the past 20 years, and who is seeking a taxpayer funded abortion so she can avoid the humiliation of mistakenly being thought of as a heterosexual.

As follow-up, all the local rags will publish sophisticated analytical analyses to blame Popal’s mental instability on the jobless Bush economy, America’s illegal war on terror, with special emphasis on the psychological damage that Popal suffered because of the Bush carnage in Afghanistan.

Feature writers will also seek to connect the dots between Popal’s mental state and G.W. Bush’s global warming mess and tax cuts for the rich.

For a fellow the media loves to ridicule as a clueless simpleton, G.W. Bush sure gets a lot accomplished!

John W. Lillpop is a recovering liberal.