Sunday, August 27, 2006

Is the Term “Indian Summer” Racist?

By John W. Lillpop

Those of us who live in California have grown accustomed to a unique weather phenomenon that occurs each year as the traditional summer season winds down.

In September, October, and even as late as November, California has what is indelicately referred to as “Indian Summer.” The term refers to the final blast of hot, dry weather for the year that occurs well into fall.

To the best of my knowledge, Indian Summer has no racist connotation nor is the term meant as a derogatory slam against Native Americans or even summer.

Still, in the politically correct mental asylum otherwise known as San Franciso, there are liberals who cannot sleep at night because of neurotic concerns that “Indian Summer” is divisive, non-inclusive, un-American, and most especially, “Not San Francisco.”

Of course, these are the same mainstream folk who think that the American flag, U.S. military, heterosexual marriage, Christianity, the pro-life movement, traditional family values, and all Republicans are “Not San Francisco.” Being so designated brings me comfort and gratitude!

Besides being completely harmless, Indian Summer is much easier to spell and pronounce than, say, “Indigenous People Summer,” or “Native American Summer.” But logic and common sense are almost never obstacles to San Francisco liberals intent on amusing the rest of the planet with PC absurdities.

And that is why locals are also looking into an alternative name for the San Francisco Giants, thought by some to be an insensitive slur aimed at big and tall minority men. In addition, anyone caught uttering “Mexican standoff” in public may soon face a fine, or be forced to spend a weekend in The City.

Referring to smelly, unkempt beggars with all their worldly possessions in a shopping cart as “Homeless” may soon be codified as a major felony in San Francisco. The preferred term is “Displaced Victim of the Jobless Bush Economy.”

As for me, I am unbowed by the PC craze. My plans include taking in a ballgame between the Giants and the Redlegs of Cincinnati, or the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago White Sox. I plan to root for the White Sox, not because I am a white bigot, but because they win! In other words, I am a front-runner.

Here is wishing you and yours a most pleasant and prosperous Indian Summer!

John W. Lillpop is a recovering liberal.